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Welcome to Hidden Sex Cams - the home of hidden camera XXX. The art of the hidden sex cam is making sure the subjects have no idea they are being filmed. This can be tricky and sometimes risky to set up but the results are worth it. We have some of the very best hidden camera XXX action that has ever been shot. And that's because we are dedicated voyeurs who go the extra mile to make sure our footage is second to none!

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The picture above was taken on a hidden hotel room camera in France. The owner of the small country hotel became interested when a young woman booked a double room for a long weekend and gave another woman's name as her partner. Being a dedicated voyeur the hotel owner couldn't resist setting up a hidden camera. He installed the camera in an old gramophone cabinet with one of the knobs removed - a couple of screws ensured they wouldn't discover it. All that remained was to position it strategically at the end of the bed.

When the two lesbian girls arrived for their weekend they were very excitable and soon disappeared to their room. But the pictures obtained that night were not very good. They were either not in the right position or obscured by the bed sheets. But the hotel owner was undeterred and when they were out the following morning he reset the camera.

As you can see from the above sample, the results he eventually got were spectacular. You can clearly see one of the girls inserting a dildo or vibrator into the other girl's pussy. At the same time, the girl on the receiving end of the dildo is playing with her own clit with her fingers. The pics are crystal clear and rate amongst some of the best hidden cam pictures I've ever seen. You can see the full set here.

Store Room SexThis horny couple on the left were caught fucking in the store cupboard by a hidden security camera. The footage was recorded by the night duty security guards and sent in to the famous Spy Porn website where you can still watch it today. The couple can be seen fucking in several positions in a prolonged sex session that is very hot to watch. The bit where he spreads her legs and goes down to eat her pussy is very erotic. Given the location, and the passionate sex, I'd say they were probably married - but not to each other!

Sex On The BeachThe guy that took the picture on the right is a regular at this small isolated cove somewhere in southern USA (that's as much as he'll tell us about the secret location). He often gets there very early in the morning and finds himself a perch up in the rocks. He can remain pretty well hidden to anyone on the beach. And, with the help of his high power zoom lens, he gets some fantastic results!

This particular couple were caught skinny dipping one day when the cove was deserted, or so they thought. They can be seen here completely naked and making out on the shore. She has a hot body with natural curves in all the right places and looks very sexy with her clothes off. And it wasn't long before the two of them were having sex right there on the beach.

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